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Re: Abuse in Composite

Thank you, now we get a much more complete picture, don't we?
If you would like to brush up on the meaning and influence of some of these asteroids, here is a well written blog you might find helpful:

So in the composite we see Prey, Sado and Nessus lining up and squaring the Moon's Nodes/Uranus/Neptune. Dejanira opposes mars. You confirmed the birth times, so there is Saturn opposing Chiron, square the Ascendent /Descendent axis.
Looking at the synastry, on the positive you have that lovely sun/moon conjunction and sun/mercury trine. You do comunicate well and feel good together on a basic emotional level.
Saturn on your sun and North node could be repressive, but Saturn is also your descendent co-ruler so at the same time it is a tie that you instinctively accept.
Mars sextile mars puts you both on the same track, and the Venus/North node/Jupiter conjunction is touched off by your Pluto, again attraction, compulsion.
When we look at the asteroids, Prey starts to take center stage, they are in opposition to each other and fall on the moon/saturn/neptune opposition axis. His exactly squares your moon.
Then we have your sado/nessus on his Chiron.
Your Nemesis/Dejanira squares your sun/nodes opposing Juno, which also sheds light on what you yourself as an individual have to work on before entering any relationship, and his Saturn/Vertex lines up with this, setting it off.
Consider carefully his mercury conjunct his Sado as a general character trait.
I would suggest you read up on these asteroids, and evaluate what you would like to receive from this relationship, what positive aspects there are that will help you grow, and then put them on the scale with the rest.
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