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Re: Abuse in Composite

Keep in mind that sometimes our inner instincts are a tool for us to have that insight that our conscious mind is avoiding.
The composite shows how the relationship plays out between you two, but you should also have a close look at the synastry to see where the aspects are coming from.
Are both of the birth times accurate?
In the composite Saturn opposes Chiron on the MH/IC axis, squaring the ascendent/descendent.
Descendent ruler mars opposes sun, in the 2nd/8th houses, of self esteem and sexual matters.
Venus near the north node is a nice love contact, it also squares Juno and sextiles the vertex.
Nessus squares neptune.
Try doing the chart with some of these additional asteroids, like 157 Dejanaira (sexual and emotional abuse), 6157 Prey, 118230 Sado, 288 128 Nemesis.
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