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Re: Understanding The Moon In Libra

The Moon in Libra may bring a deep need for peace and harmony in your life. Born with a need for balance, you may feel it is your responsibility to be the peacemaker and negotiate with others to bring tranquility and understanding. Sometimes that can be an overreach.

You may have an instinctive desire to bring out the best in others, and you can work through any difficult group situations with your objective, fair minded approach to life. This graciousness can open doors and create opportunities for growth. But with your Scorpio stellium, the Libran politeness may be overruled by your more impetuous self.

With your Moon in the 11th, principles will be highly important to you. You are likely to have a strong sense of social justice, and may personally distressed by unfairness and injustice. Thus you become involved in situations where inequity is an issue, feeling the need to take action, even if not well thought out at times. Conflict may surround you, but when you assert your need to be fair, you show others how to find the middle-ground.

Your Moon is square a conjunction of Uranus/Neptune. That escalates and elevates the urgency of the above and one[’s needs and feelings become complicated and possibly conflicted at times.

Uranus/Neptune also puts you in contact with your inner artistic/creative/innovative impulses and allows you sudden flashes of inspiration? I would think you could paint, draw or write pretty well, as it would flow freely and be inspired.

Your specific question was about comforting yourself in the best ways. I think one way is to relieve yourself of certain internalised expectations, letting up on yourself about things you erroneously blame on yourself? Don't be so hard on yourself, in other words.

Sometimes Moon in Libra people become scapegoated by those around them, because they so easily take on blame. Their internal need to create balance and harmony can create guilt and self doubt if things are not perfect around them.

Moon in Libra in the 11th might find comfort in helping others in a concrete, meaningful way. Walking around passing out clean wool sox to the homeless might warm your soul. Especially if you speak to some of those who are looking for ways out of the dead end, and can help them take some steps to find better conditions. Moon in Libra in the 11th wants to be making positive changes in the world. Sometimes just changing one person's world is a true miracle.

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