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Re: North Node in Gemini

I'll share a bit of my experience with SN Sagittarius/ NN Gemini (9th and 3rd house).

A long time ago, I read that NN in Gemini must learn to listen more in this lifetime and to sharpen this skill. Until then I thought I'm a good listener, but after reading that I looked at what I thought about myself more carefully and discovered I was (and sometimes still am) many times impatient to tell my opinion.

My 9th house is empty, but my 3rd house has a stellium involving Jupiter in Sagittarius.

A while ago I got a job as a teacher. It was before even knowing about SN and NN. It was a language teaching job and looking back now I realized I learned an important lesson: I learned patience/ listening. I had to speak very little and listen more and totally focus on the other. It was enlightening to me... I eventually realized teaching is not the job I'll do for the rest of my life but was a huge step in the process self-discovery...
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