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Re: North Node in Gemini

Doing something that fits the sign placement of your south node is usually not regressive, and never regressive just because it fits some kind of symbolism that matches your south node's sign. The south node is about what you've brought forward, gifts you already have and can draw on. The north node is about what you're growing into.

Both Sagittarius and Gemini are associated with teaching and learning. Your desire to teach could fit with either one. Even more important, though, is the house placement of your nodes. Everyone born within a year to year and a half of you has the same node signs, but they don't all have the same node houses. I would say it's the house placements that tell you the most. Gemini and Sagittarius are just the flavors.

You say you don't have much experience traveling. If traveling abroad is a new thing for you, there's no way it will be regressive.

However, your north node is not your career. Nodes are about your life as a whole. Career is one piece of your life. It happens against the backdrop of your journey, and it might play a part in reaching your goal but it is not the journey or the goal in and of itself.

How you should finance this new career move depends on your overall situation. Your node signs don't tell us what that is. Your chart might be helpful, but even with the chart, you'd have to tell us more about your situation. What resources do you have besides your retirement account? If you withdraw from it, can you reasonably expect to be able to put back what you withdrew fairly quickly? Do you have any sense of how much you need to save for retirement, and how long it would take you to save on what you can expect to make teaching abroad? Do you plan to teach abroad indefinitely, or is it only going to be for a year or a few? What do you think you'll do after?

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