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Re: Jodi Arias Trial and Murder of Travis Alexander

Looking at Jodi's chart, a few things stand out for me:
Moon/Venus/Ceres conjunction in Gemini over the 2nd house cusp. Moon is in the 1st house and on the 2nd house cusp - Venus and Ceres in the 2nd house. Noel Tyl call's the 1st house Moon the "Do it their own way" Moon, taking on Aries type patterns. Interestingly, my border-line sister also has a 1st house Moon in Air (Aquarius).
This Moon/Venus/Ceres conjunction is in a mutable T-Square, opposing a retrograde Neptune in Sagittarius sitting in the 8th house, and all squaring Saturn in Virgo in the 5th house of lovers.

I see the 3 major feminine Archetypes (Moon/Venus/Ceres) in fickle Gemini opposing a retro Neptune in optimistic Sag in the 8th house of sex as part of her charisma over men. She exudes an almost etheric but changeling quality about her. The release point of the T-square energy is Saturn in critical Virgo sitting in her 5th house of lovers. One gets the impression that she enjoys the hunt more than the capture. Once she captures a lover, she finds things wrong with him (Virgo), and perhaps blames him (Saturn) for anything that goes wrong in the relationship.

Now let's look at the Sun and Mercury in security needing and nurturing Cancer in the 3rd house of communication, squaring Pluto in the relationship sign of Libra sitting in the 6th house of work, health and service. From what we know about her past romantic relationships, most seem to be with men whom she worked for or with. In fact, she met Travis Alexander at a seminar for the company both were working for at the time.

Cancering women have the ability to appear ultra feminine and submissive, while being passive-aggressive in their romantic relationships. Remember Cancer is a Cardinal sign and the sign of the Mother Goddess. The Mother Goddess can be warm, loving and nurturing but she also can wear the face of the destroyer if she feels threatened in some manner, or betrayed. In fact anytime we see the Moon, the sign Cancer or the 4th house coupled with Pluto, Scorpio or the 8th house we see the Archetype of the "devouring Mother". With her Sun/Mercury both squaring Pluto and Black Moon Lilith (plus the Vertex of "fate" by the way) we see a woman who knows how to manipulate and stay in control. We see a woman who is sweet, kind, loving, submissive and nurturing as long as she can stay in control of the relationship and everything goes her way (1st house Moon).

There is more to look at, especially her Virgo Mars in the critical 29th degree which was being squared by transiting Pluto all during her relationship with Travis Alexander and was making it's last square pass when the murder occurred. Her Mars is just barely over the 6th house cusp and if her time of birth is off even 5 minutes, her Mars could be placed in the 5th house. It's almost like she was a tinder box of explosives waiting for the right chemistry to come along and blow everything up.

The Nodes are all lined up and significant in her and Travis' charts which leads one to suspect some type of karma here. Chiron and Black Moon Lilith also stands out.

More later...
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