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Jodi Arias Trial and Murder of Travis Alexander

I wanted to start a thread about the murder of Travis Alexander by his former girlfriend Jodi Arias. The murder was especially brutal as she shot him in the face, stabbed him almost 30 times with what appeared to be a very large knife, and then slit his throat from ear to ear so deeply that he was almost decapitated. The murder occurred almost 5 years ago but is just now in Trial. Jodi Arias has told several stories over the years about what exactly happened that day and has now stuck with the story that he was abusive towards her and the killing was in self defense. If you are not up to date on all the details, just Google "Travis Alexander" and/or "Jodi Arias".

My interest in this case began when I heard that she was claiming to be a survivor of domestic violence and that she had killed him in self-defense. As a survivor of child abuse and domestic violence myself, I was interested in what she had to say.

As of today, the Jury is still deliberating of whether or not to give her the death penalty or life in prison (with or without parole - which the Judge will decide if the Jury gives her Life in Prison). The Jury already found her guilty of First Degree Premeditated Murder and found the Murder especially cruel in nature. Transiting Venus is almost exactly conjunct her Natal Venus as I write this, so perhaps that is working to her favor (for today).

I've just heard on the news right this moment that the Jury is unable to come to a unanimous decision. The Judge has sent them back into deliberation, so because Venus is such a short lived transit, perhaps this is just a short pause of "luck" for her.

As Astrologers, I think we are interested in these extreme cases as they help us to understand human nature, and what we can find Astrologically to explain why a person would commit such a horrible act on another human being. It's not an excuse! Every person has free will and chooses their own path! But to understand the signature patterns in the Natal chart of persons who commit violent acts can help us to identify them in order to recognize when intervention is needed.

Many Astrologers are also Psychologists. In fact, most of our most esteemed Astrologers today also have degrees in Psychology. What use is Astrology if it's not used to help improve the human condition and/or the quality of a person's life?

During the trial a Psychologist diagnosed Jodi Arias with Border-Line Personality disorder. I am very familiar with this disorder as it runs in my own family of origin. I have dealt with people very much like Jodi Arias my entire life (I am 52 years old) and so I have first hand experience with this mental illness. Another point that has tugged at my heart strings throughout this trial: Travis Alexander looks very much like my oldest son.

I do believe that when a human drama or tragedy is played out on the world stage, that there is a purpose for it. The Universe is trying to teach us as a collective something very important about the human condition. I would like to hear what other's have to say about the Astrological signatures in this case.

Jodi Arias - July 9, 1980 - 01:52am - Salinas, California
(AstroDatabank gives a AA rating -,_Jodi
Travis Alexander - July 28, 1977 - time unknown - Riverside, California
Murder occurred on June 4, 2008 in Mesa, Arizona
Trial began on January 02, 2013 and is in it's last phase as of today May 22, 2013.

Other dates and timeline can be found at:
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