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Originally Posted by RishiRahul View Post

I wanted to be satisfied about what I predicted, as I am not using Palmistry and Numerology properly here.

Yes, this is a difficult year in 2020 when you will feel a lack of support to your material progress, as the effect of Ketu abntardasa is on, and properly takes shape from Aug 2020, when you may expect a professional way out.

If you do at all get this opportunity in Aug 2020, its upto you to hold onto this for the other better after Feb 2021.
Let us know of any news by end Aug 2020, when you start getting a small feeling of relief....

Good luck,

Thats fine its good to confirm to be certain!..Can you kindly please let me know about my health?! Any more hospitalizations, surgeries sicknesses etc and when I can find relief?!..
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