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Re: My Aries ascendant must conquer this person!

First off, your difficult moon/sun/saturn/jupiter configuration is being touched off currently by the recent entry of transiting Uranus in Taurus, so prepare yourself for your routine emotions and lifestyle to being tested and unsettled.
He shares the same moon as you, and his is square Neptune and opposing mars, with the nodes squaring, and Neptune on the south node.
Your configuration and his are superimposed and Uranus is now hitting both.
Placing this over yours shows us why you feel an attraction, but it is what you might call a fatal attraction. You would really find it very difficult to carry on the relationship at close range.
Uranus will tempt you to catapult yourself into the arena, but if you do you may be eaten by the lions! After the Uranus transit passes over these mutual planets, it will die down.
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