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My Aries ascendant must conquer this person!


I'll try to be as succint as possible. So mainly, I have a friend who lives in another country whom I like for a while, maybe around 2 years now. It's not a constant thing, it fluctuates, sometimes I like him a lot, sometimes I don't mind him much. It feels weird and I don't know what even happens between us. We have a normal friendship relationship, we don't talk much every day, but we watch movies together, play games together often and are always sharing new stuff we like. It's like when we talk we're in our own little world and I feel like someone he sees highly. Amongst friends online, he always gives attention to the conversation if it is related to me, which I assume, friends do. With time, since last month, we started talking every day, slowly. It never feels forceful, and since I have a very stressful life with my work, talking to him is like my stress relief. It kind of became our normal routine. Sometimes, I say sweet things, sometimes it comes from him, although it's quite rare and it feels more of a playful thing between friends.

Recently, I decided to say to him that I like him, but that we couldn't be together due to the distance and that I knew he didn't like me. For which he answered saying that I was "the coolest" and that I deserved to have a relationship with someone near me. It was a reasonable conversation, but of course, a rejection can leave a sour taste on people's mouths, and that for sure happened with me. I know I am being inconsistent with what I had said to him, but still, I feel endearing feelings towards him, and it feels, at glimpses, that he feels the same way, even if for spare moments. Maybe I'm reading too much into his actions because I want to believe in this feeling that he might have. Maybe I am just delusional. I most likely am.

For that is the reason I would like to understand his chart more, or our compatibility more, even though I said a relationship like that could be hard, because I feel there is something to us, like a gut feeling, perhaps? Maybe it's my moon in scorpio. And I can't put my mind into it. Despite the rejection, I think I would have come here irregardless, as I was spending too much time thinking about him and I want to understand more on why I feel the things I feel towards him, even though we don't have such a deeper bond and only overshare on ocasion.

Unfortunately, this person didn't provide me with the information to make a synnastry chart, and preferred to do the chart themselves and send it to me, so I cannot do the synnastry chart for us to check. =( But I do hope it'll be of valuable information to help out.

Our charts go as follows:

My chart:

His chart:
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