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Re: Finding Yod/Quincux in my chart

YOD's are really complex configurations.....

First, you must look at the sextile, and then at the two inconjuncts.

Then you look at the at the YOD apex.

Yods can only exist when the apex planet is the slowest moving of the three, otherwise its just two inconjuncts(according to Al H. Morrison, with whom I agree)

The show where and how that which hinders in the chart can be made to bring into clearer focus---much like where we are currently looking at Psyche and Nemesis.

Since they don't reach full fruition until after the age of 35 at least, eventually it can show it what way a fated change might take place that can completely reprogram his entire life. In this way, it shows how the major modification of one's life can take place. It may be activated by circumstances(as shown by a transit or a progression) which was the Watergate affair in Richard Nixon’s life or the individual may choose to move in this direction himself in order to focus on changing his life to more align himself to his Mission in life.

The house of the apex is where the change starts but often the opposite house to the apex is where the end point of the modification will take place: this is called the called the REACTION POINT. This is in opposition to the apex point. The reaction point where the individual’s new orientation will center---either for better or worse

Slower moving transits or progressions over this point can show timing of this orientation change.

A planet on the reaction point(or to a lesser degree an asteroid) can provide an imbalance keeping the starting point in the YOD from getting off the ground.

Reaction planet is the conditioning planet for dealing with the inner struggles presented by the YOD transformation
One looks to see if there is an asteroid, or an Arabian part on that spot. Even a Witte sensitive point or sabian/charubel symbol can give an indication.
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