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Re: Finding Yod/Quincux in my chart

Originally Posted by Kiraa View Post
Thank you for the quick reply and I'll definitely be checking that post! What most intrigued me in Yods back in the day was that it seemed related to fate, or a "god's hand" pointing for the ones that have a sort of mission they must fulfill, and that it was a kind of rare aspect, and I had two of them in my chart, so I got curious over them.
I don't know if anyone has ever done the math to see how rare they actually are in natal charts, but from anecdotes, they seem to occur about as often as patterns like grand crosses. Having two like your chart is even more rare.

The person who has one often feels a sense of purpose that is hidden from them but that they can't stop worrying about. Feel familiar? I've seen it described as having a puzzle in your chart that you have to work out in this lifetime.


What would you say these aspects indicate in a person's life? I'm not sure on how to look especifically for these aspects on the internet xD
You can google "yod" and find quite a bit. There are also articles on the aspects making up your yods, for example "Venus inconjunct Pluto". The best resource I know of is "The Yod Book" by Karen Hamaker-Zondag. I have to admit, though, that even after reading that book and everything I can find on the internet, I still have a hard time explaining on even a basic level how to interpret what my own yod means in my life. I don't know how much you know about astrology so skip this advice if you already have done this. If I were you, I'd learn how the major aspects in your chart work first and then come back to this.

Like that cop-out?
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