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Re: Regarding Father In Law's Health and Marraige

KSY is one matter for which many options and opinions are available. Its scriptural source is either kept hidden or perhaps even got lost over the years! Hence remains a tantalizing mystery for researchers, though not so much for the nativities.
There are opinions about 12 subtypes of KSY and cancellations and even different opinions about whether it should be clockwise or counterclockwise from the dividing axis formed by the nodes, essentially separating the full side from the empty side. A wise jyotishi often used the term "half-blind chart" for nativities with KSY!

The nodes represent a snake, possibly a python. The way the nodes move dominantly is backwards (the direct motion of true nodes is miniscule compared to retrograde motion) and thus going from say, capricorn to sagittarius to scorpio to libra... etc. One can visualize that as life progresses, rahu the head of the python is engulfing all the planets one by one. Conversely, as the tail (ketu) hits, it causes concussion (not literally!), confusion, shock, loss of direction, indecision, wrong decisions, etc. In the northindian chart where planets move counterclockwise (aries to taurus etc).

Not so much relief, but ability and strength to sustain being assaulted by either the head or the tail end of KSY depends on strength of the chart (personal indicators) and good yogas and yogakarakas etc. Cancellation based on one or two planets is a mere palliative thought at best.


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