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Re: Regarding Father In Law's Health and Marraige

Kshantaram Sir, I will send a PM to you regarding my married life.
Sorry If I have offended you.
I understand all the points and greatly appreciate the prompt and the kind response you have advice to me.

I have understood each and every +ve s and -Ve from your reply.
And I hope, the mars exalted in 9th and saturn in 7th would help me in keeping my Marriage intact.
Saturn is considered to be bad in 7th house and hence I was worried if this will lead to problems.Is it true for all cases?

Also Hope the mercury although with saturn in 7th would help me in the progeny.

I would diligently follow the remedies you have provided for each case.
I am greatly thankful to you for the effort you have put in.

I would also update you with any major events happening in my life, so that I can seek your advice.

Regarding the nakshatra, I am worried if my nakshatra would cause any any harm to my Father in law.
And I would never wish that even in my dreams. That is why because of the anxiety, I was asking you this question.
And people keep the girls belonging to this nakshatra as untouchables which hurts girls , because they are seen for thier character or their nature but just through the nakshatra. That is why I do not want anything to happen to my in laws.

Thanks a lot
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