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Re: Regarding Father In Law's Health and Marraige

Originally Posted by kshantaram View Post
sorry, did not see any effort to share specific feedbacks on the elaborate reading offered a complete chart reading rather,
while you tend to keep repeating the same issues, though best possible overnight effort has been made to give an elaborate analysis giving a true and fair picture of the chart-transits etc. and the hopes to watch with patience.

hope the above detailed summary helps address your issues, take stock of the chart and the prospects and shade of hopes.

can appreciate your anxieties,

but need to participate in the discussion effectively, not merely order an reading or merely keep raising queries again and again not appreciating the limitations of the chart nor able to appreciate the positives and the hopes presented.

only Gods know the absolutes!

wishing well,

"all planets not between ketu-rahu hence not much to worry about kalasarpa yoga"

Jai Guru

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