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Re: Regarding Father In Law's Health and Marraige

Originally Posted by newastr View Post

I just asked questions for help. I dint meant to misuse the forum

Mula nakshatra charan-1 is said to be under stress, you Mula-2 and ok.

Mula aptitude for going to depths, spreading the underground roots wide and deep.
while same time symbolises bundled karma deep enough to get uprooted easily, bound by karma.

moon sag philosophical, optimistic, ambitious, sportive, impulsive.

moon elevated taurus navamsa creative and energetic. moon 8th aptitude for research-psychology etc.

lord 8th jup acq 10th tending to career issues, jup 10th aptitude for advisory leadership roles but delayed being retro,

jup over own pisces navamsa good, symbolising 11th house for gains, but delayed. retro jup towards debilated cap 9th impacting luck, higher education, father, husband, distant travels, etc. own pisces navamsa hence not much to worry.

7TH Lord mars elevated over cap 9th spirituality through service of mankind, methodical and disciplined, technical-mech aptitude, but mars debilated cancer over navamsa becoming weak not able to fructify.

movable cap 9th inimical-badhaka for the fixed taurus asc, luck-higher education-children etc under stress-delays, mars debilated navamsa. inimical sat 9th lord over scorpio 7th stress-delays in marriage matters.

mer-sat scorpio secretive, sentimental, calculative. occult-research aptitudes.

7th lord mars debilated cancer navamsa and weakened, tending to be anaemic of weak energy levels and prone to suppressed anger, perhaps reducing the stress of mer-sat scorpio 7th. sat 7th needs to be matched by charts with balancing malefic planets.

sun-venus libra 6th, winning over opponents/the competition through charm of personality, love of beauty and splendor, sun libra sociable but weak-wavering decision making. sun pisces navamsa for gains, may be gains through mother, property matters, corporates, govt, social contacts.

sun debilated libra, debilation cancelled venus own libra, gradual pace of growth in health and employment matters, mother's health, property matters, etc.

venus elevated pisces navamsa, selfless attitude, alike florence nightingale, perhaps!

rahu pisces 11th gains through foreigners-other races and friendships. rahu pisces navamsa vargottami.

similarly ketu vargottami virgo 5th, critical thinking-attitude, perfectionist, ketu 5th tending to anxiety, and could impact progeny. hope mars elevated cap 9th facilitating house for children takes care, while jup own pisces navamsa jup karaka for children but retro delayed results, moreover retro and debilated towards cap 9th for husband-children.

mer lord 5th for education-romance-children with inimical saturn scorpio 7th, mer again retro delaying marriage-children etc while could have occult-research aptitudes.

sun-venus-retro mer 6th libra could tend to rags to riches story perhaps, and aptitude for arts, medicine, pharmacy, sociology, etc. sun over pisces navamsa 11th sign for gains.

chart with inimical saturn over enemy sign scorpio 7th, mer-sat scorpio, marriage under stress, secretive-sentimental, occult-research aptitudes, metallurgy, etc saturn vargottami navamsa heightening the impact.

moon between malefics saturn-mars under stress moreover Mula nakshatra bound by the roots of karma though good for research able to go to depths again. Mula-2 not harmful. moon taurus navamsa creative and energetic, love of food and comforts.

ketu vargottami navamsa virgo 5th impacting progeny and the anxiety, hope jup pisces navamsa helps but delay being retro, hopefully.

sun mahadasa, sun debilated libra, debilation cancelled, gradual improvement in health and employment prospects, mother's health, property matters, etc.

sun-venus artisitic aptiutdes, venus 6th charm of personality
but not good for marriage relationships, venus negating 7th house, sun-venus in marriage could impact progeny prospects, may need zinc supplements.

mars 9th elevated cap good for luck, although cap inimical for taurus asc, stress-delays, while mars debilated cancer navamsa.
jup retro towards cap and debilated impacting luck, husband, children.

saved by jup own pisces navamsa 11th house for gains, hopefully.

rahu pisces 11th gains through foreigners.

all planets not between ketu-rahu hence not much to worry about kalasarpa yoga as is usually made out. planets better in navamsa overcoming the natal chart. asc lord venus elevated pisces navamsa 11th house selfless attitude, gains through artistic pursuits.

currently saturn transit natal saturn scorpio 7th under stress coming 2.5yrs, 12th from moon,

faith permitting

could float 1.25kgs each whole black uraddal, and whole green moongdal, over a flowing river, tues late evening after sunset, with prayers Mata Mahakali temple enroute offering some kumkum. repeat 125gms each once a month regularly.

light til oil lamp daily evening, observe fast sat evenings.

for ketu virgo 5th, may donate 1.25kg white til at Mata Durga temple wed late evening, repeat 125gms once a month.

for jup acq and debilated cap retro, donate 1.25kg yellow split chanadal thurs late evening at saint of your faith temple, say Shirdisaibaba, light cow ghee diya, offer yellow flowers.

hope jupiter now transit elevated cancer trine aspect mer-sat scorpio 7th helps contain the 7th house stress, protective of relationship-marriage. jup trine rahu pisces 11th promoting gains-friendships through foreigners.

ketu now however transit pisces 11th tending to impact income-gains-friendships protected by trine aspect from jup cancer till mid-015.

hope generic observations-inputs and remedies suggested faith permitting, help,

could care to share feedbacks making the thread mutually interesting:

have not shared about yourself, your marriage, your husband and his attitude etc, root cause of your worry, whether academic-real family situation being harassed, etc, hence your queries sound dull and dry not evoking empathy and response. while you keep on adding to list of your queries without sharing much not keeping the conversation here interactive and meaningful, trying to extract yourself something from the replies that may be given here. hope able to make some sense.

who is worrying about the Mula nakshatra, father-mother inlaw, husband, relatives, yourself only, and why such worry.
how does the personal worry really help.

sorry for the longish response repeating and trying to summarise the points, the various queries. marriage, child, etc

wishing well,

Donate to your Delight!!!

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