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Re: Regarding Father In Law's Health and Marraige

Dear Newstr,

By your wordings, I have come to understand that you are also trying to learn vedic astrology somewhat.

It is true that I give preference to women more than men when looking to reply to queries because women face more problems.

I have received your email with I think 20 questions.

I have still failed to understand your "CURRENT PROBLEM".

Why does it seem to me that you have already consulted some professional astrologer / s before too ?

If you are still interested, send to me your horoscope (western plus your vedic one too) and ask me a maximum of 1-2 questions. Concentrate on just one question for now (as I am very busy at the moment and will be for the next coming 15-20 days also. I will try to reply to you in 2-4 days. Please make sure that it will be a specific one and not a general one (like how is going to be my married life)

I am looking at your mail right now and it feels that you are very upset, but about what ???? Did some one tell you some bad things about your chart ?? please tell me.

One more thing, you are from India, and people over there usually believe in vedic astrology with all their heart. But I would like to point out to you that I am just a human being and astrology being both an art and science can be quite accurate, but 100 % accuracy can only be given by prophets and unfortunately you might not be able to find them in this day and age.

A person who thinks he knows everything has still a lot to learn
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