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Re: Regarding Father In Law's Health and Marraige

And further there has to be some limit about how much to ask!
See OP has asked no less than 11 questions in a row , in one single post!!
  1. Father-in-law's health.
  2. Father-in-laws's family (means what?).
  3. Am I am responsible for any of these?
  4. Is my horoscope is responsible for his health problems.
  5. Please tell me any remedies for the betterment of his health.
  6. How will be my sun MD and Saturn antardasha?
  7. Will it effect my married life badly?
  8. Please predict if my lagna is strong
  9. And my marriage related houses.
  10. Also I have ketu in 5th house, will it affect the progeny prospects?
  11. I have saturn and mercury in 7th house. Please predict about my marriage.
IMHO this is misuse of this forum.
Everything comes in its own time...


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