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Re: Missing ID and credit card.

I took a look at the chart for the time I found my cards to see how is timing important when somebody is about to find their missing objects.

Found Chart Placements:
Moon is in 0 29' Gemini, so it has recently left Taurus, which was the sign where the Moon was placed when I asked the question. The Moon was void of course and conjunct Algol when I tried to move the washing machine in the afternoon, so nothing came out. I'm very surprised by the fact that the machine seemed to weight more when the Moon was in Taurus.

Moon rules the 2H and is applying to a sextile with the MC. My missing properties finally saw the light?
The moon is placed in the 12H, that according to Lilly represents the East-South-East which was the location where I found my cards.

Mercury rules the ASC and it is conjunct Fortune (night formula) on the same degree at the moment I was moving the machine <o)

ASC/DSC just swapped comparing the two charts. In the cards found chart L7 Jupiter is cadent in 6H, so whoever hid my cards isn't getting away with it anymore.

Comparing placements of Lords in question chart vs found chart:

My credit card which was probably ruled by the Moon/L8 in the question chart (money from others) left the ground (earth sign) as I picked it up from the floor. The missing credit card finally changed its surrounding environment when the Moon moved into Gemini.

Saturn which was L2 in the question chart, and ruled my properties, was angular (7H) when I found my missing items.

Piscis was Cusp of 4H in question chart (Water surroundings?) When I found my items, Libra was on the 4HC. MC-IC axis was changing signs on the precise moment I saw the cards on the floor and picked them up. IC moved from earth to air sign, and the place where my cards lied upon changed too. I don't know if the 10H is relevant here but seconds before I found my objects, Jupiter was L10 which was cadent in 6H, when the MC changed to Aries it changed its ruler to Mars, coincidentally Mars is placed in the 4th, an angular house.

Comparing found chart with my natal:

tr Victory was conjunct my natal Venus Lord of my 2HC Libra (1 orb)

transiting Mercury-POF conjunction took place 130' away from my natal Moon which rules my 11H. However, the trMercury-trPOF-nMoon conjunction took place in my natal 2nd house. I felt very relieved when I found my cards, I don't have to search anymore

Very interesting
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