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Re: Missing ID and credit card.

I found my cards @22:27 LT, they were under the washing machine!!! I didn't look there before because the WM is very heavy, I tried to move it in the afternoon but I wasn't feeling strong enough, it barely slided. At night I tried to move the wm again and it was smoother this time, I slided the machine completely to make sure my cards weren't there. Hopefully they were, I even found another card I didn't notice it was also missing.

Yesterday I could recall and after checking some dates that the last time my ex mother in-law came to my house I picked up all the things that were at the dining table (receipts, bills and my cards) and put them on top of the washing machine- at that moment I thought that maybe it wasn't a very good idea because I could forget I put them there and also because my ex mother in-law was in the kitchen Washing the dishes (I didn't trust her very much). The washing machine is in front of the kitchen sink and under a water heater. I remember picking up the bills and receipts the next day and putting them into a plastic bag. The apartment owner was making a visit the next day... Anyway, I cannot imagine how is that the cards ended up under the washing machine. Was my toddler or my ex mother in-law responsible? Strange thing is that the cards were one on top of the other, so they didn't fall on the floor accidentally and somehow slided under the machine. Somebody put the cards under the machine on purpose. :/

Thanks kalinka you helped me a lot. The cards were on the floor in the south-east wing of the apartment, and though the apartment doesn't have a ground floor the cards were in the lower floor. Other person was also involved the last time I saw the cards, so your comment helped me recall the whole situation.

Best regards

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