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Exclamation Missing ID and credit card.

Dear astrologers, I hope you could help me read this horary.

My ID and credit card are missing, I realized it three weeks ago but I didn't try to find them then. I didn't feel worried because they got lost within my apartment and I hoped I could find them. I started searching for them this weekend but I didn't find any of them. There are a few spots where I haven't taken a look yet, the upper shelf of my closet, under my kids room floor mats and in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. There's a chance I put the cards into a plastic bag along with some bills and then, without noticing the cards were there, I threw the bag in the garbage.

It seems the objects are within my apartment because L1 and L2 are close to each other. Jupiter in 1H close to the ASC and Saturn in 2H very close to the 2nd cusp. The objects can be located close to room boundaries I suppose. I think I should search first under the kitchen sink (recycling can is there) and in the bathrooms according to 2nd and 4th House cusps. What do you suggest?

The moon in Taurus is in 5H and rules the 8H. It opposes her dispositor Venus in Scorpio in separating aspect.

Mercury, 7H ruler is applying to opposition with the Moon (loose). Mercury is in separating sextile to 2nd ruler Saturn. Did my kids "steal" the objects and throw them somewhere?

Saturn (2nd ruler) and the Moon are applying to a trine. Is this aspect good enough to point out I will find my credit and ID card? They are both succedent.

Will I find my missing items?

I appreciate your help. Best regards.

PS. My ASC is 21 Virgo.
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