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We are all 1

I have never really had any doubt in my mind about Astrology since I started looking into it around 18 years old. The only reason I would have been skeptical in the beginning would be that I was living in a world that labeled Astrology as a non-science in the schools I went to as a youth.

Me being Aquarian through out my chart at birth, it was easy for me to look beyond what was being taught in school. And as it turns out, the natal charts I was looking at, had plenty of Truth in them. Now as I have starting looking into Progressed Charts, I wonder if even this could be linked to Numerology. Meaning if I add my age to my chart to account for the planets moving, then should I add my age to my numerology chart.

I suppose this gets into what causes the forecast from the cosmos, is it the energy, or is it just the information of signs passed down to one thought provoking age to another...or both.

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