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Re: Predictions on tennis as I see them (Torero)

An interesting match from my archive
Between the undisputed number one of the tennis world Novak Djokovic and the upstart 2019 Medvedev. The stars decide the fate of the match where there is a clear favorite in terms of bookmaker, but not the stars.

And so Saturn-Djokovic is in the first house, but move to the 12th house. Medvedev-Moon, 2 houses, but move to 1 house. What do we have in fact. 1 set wins Djokovic while he is in the first house. 2-3rd set, he is already in the 12th house. Medvedev, on the contrary, is moving towards a better home. And in the third set he is already in the first house. The result is 1-2. There were a number of additional factors in favor of Medvedev, which were clearly monitored during the game online. And here's how not to believe in astrology after this))).
Prediction only with the help of sports astrology
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