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Re: Predictions on tennis as I see them (Torero)

Well, the third warm-up match for today was between Riske and Anisimova. The mystery was who this time was patronized by Mercury. If he did not accept the Riske for the first time, will he be her cover in this match. It turned out that it will be))).
What we see at the beginning of the match ASC-DSC Mercury-Jupiter. Mercury-9 house, Jupiter on the cusp5-4, but with the exact aspect to the pars of fortune.
As a result of this aspect, Jupiter-Anisimova completely wins the first set 4-0. But what happens next, the change in the ASC and the turn of the game towards Mercury-Riske go on. The second set 4-0 wins Alison.

Who will win the third set, I wondered?
Mercury or Jupiter. Looking at the map, the square of Mercury and the antis of the Parsa of fortune began to disturb me. And I decided to leave the earned profit in the second set as it was. From the very beginning of the set, Anisimova received a break, and I know why it happened. But with the exact aspect of the square from the antis of fortune, Alison lost her serve and if Amanda moved faster on the court she could have won the match, because Mercury had a number of negative factors, but time passed, the negative passed, and with it Anisimova’s victory. A difficult match, but if you follow it online then predictable.
Prediction only with the help of sports astrology
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