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Predictions on tennis as I see them (Torero)

We all faced the problem of coronavirus, which not only takes human lives, but also drains the wallets of healthy people.
Since January, I started an account on the Betfair sports exchange for betting and trading in tennis. For almost three months I made a good profit thanks to the knowledge of sports astrology.
Since March, all tournaments have stopped and this has become both a plus and a minus. The downside is that I stopped making a profit. The plus is that during the quarantine I reviewed a thousand astrological charts and singled out for myself the moments when you can bet (trade), or it is better to pass the match side.

The good thing about working on the Betfair exchange is that you can bet at any time during the live game. It doesnít matter to me who wins or loses the match as a whole, based on astrological indicators, I can practically enter the market and leave it profitably without risk. On the map you can see everything and victory and loss and break time in 80% of cases, etc.
My forecasting technique is based not only on the classic ASC-DSC scheme, but I also made a number of developments that help to increase the balance of my wallet with a high probability. As tennis matches appear, I plan to continue to bet on my own methodology.

Given that the time of tennis matches often changes and accurate predictions can be made only before the match itself, I donít think I can put my forecasts on time, so whoever is interested in earning tennis, contact me with telegrams.
Prediction only with the help of sports astrology
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