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Re: Is this question a no?

I see thank you.

You are reading the gift in the second? From the sources I've come across it is said to read a gift in the 5th.

Could it be read in both then? 5th of fun friendships, romance. Second material wealth, values monetary and otherwise.

The gift is to be split by two individuals. 5 items to one person, five to another.

I gave the 1st five to an individual- family- last night, didn't go so well but went exactly as expected.

The next five items will be more of a challenge to get to the individual due to locale. I am waiting for the right time for this.

Interesting that you interpret the gift in the second. I am going to have to read up more on what Lords are, as well as study a bit more regards Horary in general. I looked at the chart more like an event chart.
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