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Re: sade sati

Already sade satti has done enough to you . it wont harm you anymore , since you have lost what you shouldn't be ! .

sade satti exists till saturn transits to 4th , until it stays in 3 you have some difficult time .

current sadesati has transited to your 2nd house of family . so it creates problems in family makes away from your family . your speech is your enemy , it gives angry to others .

from 2nd it aspects 4th house of mother , home land education , Chasity ! , peace of mind , vehicle etc and 8th house of sufferings ,humiliations , scandal , swindle , suicidal thoughts , other money , theft sudden misfortune etc . and lastly its aspects 11th house of gains , elder brothers . friends , network circles , market place , politics ,legal , etc .

so saturn impacts these houses by its evil aspects . but jupiter transit balances it .
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