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Re: Relocation Vedic chart?

Hi pabloes

whichever you go wherever you reside . your birth chart is based on where you born and planets are aligned in according to your birth place , whatever planetary positions at the time in the sky is what decides your destiny , its fixed not changes , saturn transits to capricorn means irrespective of country and culture your saturn stays in capricorn only at birth time .

interpretation of charts may vary but essence is same . like how rivers are named many according to country ,yet all dissolves in sea , like how interpretation of charts has may styles but purpose is same . sun is signification of father in all systems , likewise moon is mother and mars is brother .

root of all astology is vedic vedic is like mother tongue for astrology . from vedic , every thing expanded . proper way to read the chart is from moon sign , since mind is source of all ,also all hindu festivals are calculated by lunar motions . astrology base lies in moon chart . sages sees only from moon wise , they give less importance to lagna or sun .

always use your true birth place chart with accurate time . dont confuse your mind by seeing all . just go by vedic style , else you cant predict accurately . those synastry cups , midheaven and all modern colorful names , they got their base in vedic only ....
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