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Re: Spouse and marriage timing..

Originally Posted by Aleena View Post

I was interested in knowing whether love marriage is possible in below mentioned horoscope..
Birth chart and navmsa both has 5th and 7th lord connection.. And 9th house and it's lord is under rahu influence.. So does this mean that the boy will marry outside his caste or girl from different cultural background?

9oct1992, 5:45am, deoria(uttar pradesh)
Hello! I've just finished the analysis of both YOURS and the guy's charts (just in case you were interested in him and because I've noticed some similarities).

You're either best friedns with this guy, or in love with this guy.

So yeah, you share some common aspects/conjunctions and therefore personality traits:

1.) Both Virgo asc; perfectionistic tendencies, overly critical, might seem cold and shy, analytical and so on, everyone knows Virgo personalities today.

2.) Both have Rahu in the 4th house (therefore, Ketu in the 10th house) --> So both really really want to achieve piece, house and . Both have Ketu in 10th house in Cancer so both love working alone and prone to success in your work.

3.) Both also have the same conjuction in the same 4th house between Rahu-Uranus-Neptune --> interest in mythology, spirituality, research, rebellion, sex, drugs and alcohol. Both share interests in electronics/motorcycles/computers.

4.) Both have artistic tendencies (painting, writing, sculpting)

5) Saturn in Capricorn - both - very powerful for success after delays
Saturn in 5th house - delays in marriage

Now, enough with the similiarities. You also share some dissimilarities. You have your Venus-Jup-Sun conjunction in 12th house - promising of divorce! You're extravagant, drama queen who loves being center of attention, require a "knight" to sweep you off your feet - yout want to be proud of your partner.

Him, in the other hand, he is shy and reserved, anxious with difficulties expressing emotions. Might be jealous and possessive and difficult to relax and enjoy. Secretly he lieks to domineer, but he doesn't show that right away.

You also have an aspect showing possible clandestine, secret relationships. While your moon is in the 8th house, with intense feelings of sex, death and regeneration and occult and hidden things, his moon is in 6th house of service and hidden enemies.

You're interested in psychology, education, art, music, gambling, research, sex, possible hospital or jail work, computers/electronics/motorcycles.

He's interested in consultancy, PR, money-making, computers/electronics/motorcycles.

You both need to be leaders.

Possible clash of egos.

Compatibility 6.6/10

You should work as partners in your own firm that you open together.

I don't knwo which caste the guy belongs to, but he could marry anyone he wants if he makes it his own goal/purpose in life. There are tendencies for "libran" personality in him as he has Mer-Ven conjunction in Libra, so if he decides that he needs a decent woman for his public image, he will pursuit it with aggressivity, even though he is normally shy and withdrawn. He's looking for some airy, independant girl who values social connections and doesn't show jealousy and possessiveness.

You, in the other hand, after going though bad guys, and good guys, and secret relationships with married guys (or WHILE YOURSELF MARRIED), will end up with some aggressive Aries like personality.

Let me know what you think. I don't wanna go in mahadashas until I know what is it exactly that Im looking for.

Astrology always leaves you options. I have known powerful political leaders with some of the aspects you both have in your charts, as well as occult satanists who never married, so....
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