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Re: Age 33 and Solar Return

Originally Posted by princemob View Post
Also, does having SR Venus and Mars in a near conjunction to my Sun and Juno add to this ?
Yes, it is repeating the theme of focus on relationships. In your progressed chart your Sun just entered the sign of Libra where partnerships are very important. Because Venus and Mars are in a square aspect in your natal chart rulers of 1st and 7th houses and the fact they are in conj in your SR shows a promise of your birth being fulfilled.

Originally Posted by princemob View Post
can you tell me anything about the significance, if any, of my SR Part of Fortune and Pallas in conjunction to my natal Pallas and Part of Fortune, respectively ? Maybe there is none ?
POF and Pallas aspect is close and significant but I don't know how to read it. Given that POF is ruled by Venus in the 6th house where she resides and they all move to 5th house in the SR, brings these two house together. Joy and success come through work.

"Would you say the overall theme for my upcoming year is stability ?"

Saturn in Capricorn is all about stability. Follow Saturn's lessons and he rewards such efforts. I say that cautiously given your SR Asc. conj your N Asc. at a critical degree. With your N. Moon and Sun also at critical degrees I have to wonder if your not always poised for change, always on the cusp.


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