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Re: Age 33 and Solar Return

Wet blanket - that is the absolute best way to describe the way it has felt for the last two years. I want a bit more freedom and fun and I've been trying my best to do that, but just met with obstacles here and there. As far as mental focus and doing the hard work, I can feel that already floating in because my creativity and my willingness to try new things in my work has been so rewarding mentally for me. It's exciting ! I am really, really hoping that my efforts to obtain security and stability, in all ways, will have a breakthrough this year.

Would you say it is important to look at a Solar Return chart and how it aspects the Progressed Chart (attached here) or is that getting complicated ? I am trying to get as much insight as possible because as I mentioned before, it has been a tough couple of years. The growth I've experienced have been great and painful.

Moondancing, I wish I could send you a donation for your time and insights !

EDITED: I also forgot to ask if you think that the asteroids play a part in a Solar Return because i see some conjunctions and such happening, but not sure what it means particularly.
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