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Re: Sports Astrology Software - Make Money Betting With Astrology


I've merged most of the posts in this thread from the Sports Astrology board, over to an existing thread the OP had posted here in Advertising. I did this, and deleted a few posts, to correct several rule violations:

1. Posting to market a product or service is strictly against the rules everywhere but the Advertising board. The Sports Astrology thread was marketing the software. There were even some discussions in it on cost. That is NOT allowed outside Advertising, ever.

2. Cross posting is against the rules. It was essentially the same topic on both boards.

3. Only one Advertising thread per product is allowed, ever. Once you've posted your Advertising thread, you may not start any others, unless you have a completely different product or service to market (and it has to also be an astrological product or service). What you may do is make more posts in your existing Advertising thread if you have any updates, want to demonstrate the product's effectiveness, anything like that.

4. Posting personal contact information anywhere on the open forum is not allowed. I deleted a couple of posts in which someone asked the OP for their email address and the OP provided it. Do not make those posts on the board. You may exchange contact info in private messaging, but only there.

5. Using the tools of this forum to discuss payment for a service or product isn't allowed. That means both posts and private messaging. You may mention your costs in an Advertising forum post, but actual negotiation, anything that could lead directly to money changing hands, must take place away from this forum. You may exchange personal contact info in private messaging and then take the discussion of fees to personal email. Better yet, if you have a website for this product, which people can contact you through, you may post a link to the website, both in Advertising and in your signature. However, again, you may not post it anywhere else.

Keep to the advertising rules,
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