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mundane vs personal, to moonkat

Originally Posted by moonkat235 View Post
I think people approach the concept from the lens of their own practical subjective experience, whereas I try to look at it from a bird's eye view. At a fundamental level, cognitively, I doubt there is good and evil and the goal is eradication of 'evil', good triumphs over evil doesn't seem accurate when examining forces beyond humanity. There is only polarity and balance imo. You can't have 'good' without 'evil', etc...One of the ways that fate makes one it's subject I think is by facilitating the delusion that it's all about 'you', that it's all about your decisions and your experience, etc. ...the fate vs free will debate is intellectually stimulating to some degree, but largely impractical and uninformative in how one 'should' live their lives.

It occurs to me that what you're talking about maybe what I consider more Mundane astrology which IS fated. The astrology of world conditions is fated because the world (and places and events IN the world) can NOT adjust based on astrological information. So the world and events CAN be predicted by using astrological charts. That's why squares in mundane charts always indicate SOME type of violence and danger, oppositions indicate warring factions, etc. But in PERSONAL charts people can choose what to do individually.

This results in the WORLD will go through whatever it's meant to go through while the INDIVIDUAL can adjust their life so THEY get through world events...intact. Of course, the more challenging the world events are, the more limited the adjustments an individual can make. So when comparing mundane to personal astrology there is still the "balancing act" of fated vs. personal.

About the differences of world and personal,

To learn basic astrological chart interpretation for your chart see:

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