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Re: Comparison of fate vs free will in traditional astrology vs modern astrology

Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
If there exists ANY significant free will, astrology, no matter whether traditional or modern, cannot work; the exercise of free will would disrupt the flow of fate.

We are obligated to make choices daily, and these choices have the appearance of being made freely. It is an illusion. If we look carefully at "prior causes", we find a string which disappears into unconscious regions: the Labyrinth of Minos.

What is not conscious appears as fate.

If we wish to be free of fate, we must become fully conscious. Narrow is the way and strait the gate, and few there be that find it.

So, most of us live lives bound by fate.
Well that fate is still determined by you. Unconscious you. In fact, your choices prolly wouldn't change at all if you had full awareness. You would just have deeper understanding of why certain things need to happen, and peace for those things happening instead of feeling like a victim, or that life is unfair.

And I'd disagree, I'd say majority of our lives is free will. It's just... you gotta be... kinda... smart enough to see it. It's not fate that you cheated on your girlfriend, and then she ended up cheating on you. No, you attracted exactly what you are. It wasn't fate that you met HER either. You attracted exactly what you are, even tho you didn't know it at the time. No one knows they are a cheater until they are presented with the option to cheat. This is when you "face your maker" and this is when you write your destiny. How's that fate? It was entirely your choice, so you can't act surprised by the consequences.

Is it fate you lost your job? Prolly? Or maybe you just weren't performing well enough, or maybe you were devaluing yourself, and your higher self knew you could do better so it set you up for a short term job, or even sabotaged you?

This separation way of thinking is getting outdated. I personally see people who believe in fate out of their control to often exhibit victim mind phenomenon. And being a victim never lead anyone to anything positive. However, owning up to your mistakes and learning and moving on, instead of blaming fate, rather than just accepting it's a natural law of cause and effect, now that's another story.

Perhaps you are right. Perhaps free will is limited to those who had put in the work, who take the harsh responsibility for their mistakes, who put in the time to reflect on their inner world and how they treat themselves and others.

Cos in the end the world is about perception. Nothing is right or wrong. But people have believed for eons in fate and Gods, and ... we only started advancing as a race when atheists popped up. People who believe they are responsible for their own lives. SO just saying... time for a change.
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