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Re: Comparison of fate vs free will in traditional astrology vs modern astrology

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This is a thread to continue to discuss on fate vs free will in traditional astrology which brought forth questions where there needs to be comparison of traditional vs modern astrology. As the moderator suggested I created this new thread.

Originally Posted by passiflora
and also
I am curious where the assumption comes from that either modern astrology or traditional astrology would be more likely to suggest that you can 'stop working for things' ?

The assumption comes from the doctrines on which traditional astrology was developed by older civilizations. Traditional astrology clearly holds the position that fate has a lot of say on the way events unfold and humans have little free will, planets are seen as living gods, hence the methods to earn their favour.

Modern astrology though may be good for doing psychotherapy on yourself and your clients, it does not seem to offer a lot in terms of having control or coming to terms with the unseen forces in one's life. Tainted with new age beliefs it gives assurance that humans have more control in their lives, any bad thing that happens to them is just a learning experience, things will improve etc. Moreover most people are drawn to modern astrology because of its appeal in explaining superficial things depending on planetary combinations. For eg., Scorpio risings and Scorpios can't stop beating their drums on how special they are on their looks and their sex appeal. (I'm a Scorpio rising)

Vedic astrology though fatalistic offers remedies to make one's life slightly better but again some astrologers believe they work while some don't on the clause that if remedies are not working for you then they were never meant to work for you in the first place, again fatalistic.
Originally Posted by lostinstars
Being born in India, my upbringing reeked of karma and fate from childhood that people readily accept their inability to change things and this has bothered me for a very long time. I'm curious about what ancient astrologers have to say.

If you are confused by this point, I am still bothered by my inability to change some things and I do not want to remain confused listening to conflicting ideologies of vedic astrology nor modern western astrology.

Wouldn't you be better off
if you know how much role fate has
and it is up to you on the amount of effort
you want to put for anything vis--vis other systems
which say keep working, things will come
and you keep wondering till when?
in India astrology is accepted as a science by the government
and it is common practice to frequently consult astrologers
and therefore
in India times of birth are usually far more reliable
whereas in the West where astrology is considered fairground entertainment
anyone may self-style as "an astrologer"
and commence making pronouncements re: natal charts
the consequence is
few take astrology seriously

there are experienced traditional astrologers in the West
who practice classical traditional astrology
and in order to do that
those astrologers have spent considerable time
reading and studying ancient classical astrological texts
most western astrology is modernist astrology
for example this site is 85% modernist astrlogical tropical astrology
we have no western sidereal board

fact is
unless a natal chart is reliably timed
then "what fate holds in store" cannot be discerned from that chart
for example
frequently members re-post new charts
after discovering their time of birth on medical records
differed from that as given by family members from memory
and so
step one is to find a reliable time of birth
which may require RECTIFICATION
few astrologers offer a rectification service
simply because it is so time consuming
there is a discussion at h
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