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Re: Which is the sign of faith

Originally Posted by YonyGursho View Post

Would Pisces or saggitarius be the sign of faith?

Originally Posted by YonyGursho View Post

Both are lazy and unorganized personalities, whom prefer to sit back
and let things unfold
(although this is only the case with saggitarius a little bit of the time,
whereas with pisces this is always the case).
those ludicrous generalisations
although fun
are unreliable

Originally Posted by YonyGursho View Post

Jupiter represents religion, knowledge, philosophy, and beliefs. Jupiter = saggitarius.
But pisces is fatalistic, to the point where it sounds like it

could be some sort of philosophical sign as well.

Any thoughts?
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some significations of Jupiter are as follows:
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Jupiter completes 6 sidereal cycles and 65 synodic cycles with 71 years.
It has retreating arcs of 10 degrees for 120 days.

Jupiter is heating and moderately moistening, benefic, masculine and diurnal. Phaethon makes those born under him light, of good colour, moderately curling hair, large eyes, tall, commanding respect, having excess of hot and moist when morning rising, and light, with lank hair, bald in the front and on the crown, with average stature, having excess of moist when evening rising, and in general, cooperating, distinguished, advising, truthful, beneficent, efficient and outgoing. Jupiter controls begetting of children, childbirth, faith, love, desire, alliance, knowledge, justice, friendship with great men, prosperity, payments, large gifts, abundance of profits, governments, honours, authority over temples, arbitration of disputes, brotherhood, fellowship, inheritances, adoption, fidelity, the livelihood of the father, confirmation of good things, deliverance from bad things, freedom, entrustments, treasures, stewardship, athleticism and zealotry, the reproductive system, the digestive system, the integumentary system, sacred objects, tin, brilliant colours and sweet tastes. It is chronocrator over early old age up to the 68th year.

Robbins, F. E. (1940). Ptolemy: Tetrabiblos. William Heinmann, London. Retrieved from
Valens, V. Anthologia. Translated by Mark Riley. Retrieved from
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