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Re: Does Neptune be in the 8th house to show that the partner will easily abuse them?

Please post the natal chart with that configuration in it. And yes, Neptune in the 8th could mean that the person is blind (at first) to the fact that the other person may be abusive. We think of abuse as something that is obvious from the beginning.
And it might be. But the person with Neptune in one of the marriage houses (7 or 9) may not be vigilant about this issue. They may make excuses at first (for the other person's abusive ways, esp. verbal abuse). If the other person has had a bad day or a bad week or a bad financial situation we may may that excuse for them.

But abuse is usually something "handed down" from parents to children. And if a person is abusive it's probable that they learned this from the dynamics in their home.

If we fall in love with someone we can try to "live with it" - because we are in "love." AND we assume that the person can change.
However: abusers don't change.

Neptune in the 8th is very problematic at it can also mean deception in the relationship. OR not being fully truthful about the past. OR a number of other issues that are hidden at first which Neptune keeps us from seeing the truth and sometimes even keeps us from WANTiNG to see the truth.

The square to Mars represents issues with men or issues with asserting yourself or dealing with your own desires, needs and creativity.

The square to Saturn means that there is a "war" between the "titans" - Neptune and Saturn. Saturn wants structure and truth and strength. Neptune is the deceiver.

So....not great for relationships.

And if Saturn actually OPPOSES Mars then you have to make a conscious decision of whether you want to have drama in your life even if it means not having a future of a safe, structured, future where you can have a permanent, traditional family, - because you can't have children if you are in an abusive relationship. The abuser will abuse the children too.

I have given you a partial answer - as I have not actually seen the chart. There might be other energies which can modify the negativity of the squares. But I would have to see it.

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