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Re: Understanding Leos and Leo energy.

I am a 4x Leo all personal planets. Sun,moon,mercury,mars.

The stereo type Leo doesnt describe me. As a matter of factit bugs me sometimes when i read about Leo. Sometimes when i answer post, i have been accused of ‘seeking attention’ which is soo wrong. I reply and give my opinion just as anyone else does.

Anyways of course other aspects can modify planets. Which is why no 2 leos or any other sign are the same.

Sure as a leo i meed attention, but its not really in the way that people assume. It MUST be genuine., heartfelt attention. For me i dont need to stand in the middle of the room with all eyes on me. Thats embrassing for me.

There are alot of introvert leos and even though i have 4 planets in leo, im severely an introvert. I do need to succeed in business and have goals. But isnt that majority of us?

Ues leo needs special attention, but only genuine attention is what i seek. One on one. Luv me for me as i am.

Shrug im not sure how describe the energy.
Now my son is a leo asc hes more of the Stereo type lol. Go fiqure right
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