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Re: Understanding Leos and Leo energy.

Originally Posted by Alimal View Post
For what it's worth, I know it's a bit off topic, but I feel like jumping in on defense of "Sun sign astrology":

Yes, the term may be equated with commercialized watered-down entertainment that gives Astrology a bad name.

But that has more to do with the media and its need to feed bite-sized bubblegum content to the average Joe and Jane.

Nevertheless, let's not overlook the fact that Sun signs are extremely important. I can guess most people's Sun sign with some interaction, and what does that tell you? The Sun represents the heart, the driving force.

So because people of the same Sun sign are not copies of each other doesn't mean Sun sign astrology is to be shamed or frowned upon.
The media, not serious astrologers, invented Sun-sign astrology. Early in the 20th century, Evangeline Adams moved to New York City to advance her astrological ambitions. She made a fantastic prediction that was plastered all over the headlines. This is before Sun-Sign astrology. Most people didn't know what astrology was because it had laid dormant for more than a century, but they understood what an accurate prediction meant.

The press was eager to capitalize on the buzz and the hype and they fashioned a oversimplified version that led to printing predictions called "horoscopes" in the newspaper. It was all the rage. The media had a hit on their hands. It bore no resemblance to the astrology practiced by Adams.

Adams acquired famous people as clients due to the publicity which further increased her fame and that of astrology.

If you really want to drastically simplify astrology, look to the Moon. It will have the appearance of better accuracy. Of course, it is the aspects and other contacts that write the story of a chart showing why everyone is so individual.
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