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Re: Understanding Leos and Leo energy.

Originally Posted by The19thLaw View Post
I feel like there is a lot of garbage out there about the sign which ultimately tries to portray the sign as a ditz party animal or a Lion from Wizard of Oz. Modern Astrology in general is not kind to fire signs and it seems like they get mocked a good bit and shown as being easy to anger but quick to forgive.

With Leo, it seems like the perception is a happy go-lucky jolly attitude but I have noticed with almost all Leos I have known in real life, there is this intense ambition and this formidable drive to go after it.

The other thing which has fascinated me about the sign is how it is one of the fixed signs while also being a fire sign. I don't think Leo is really domiciled anywhere except for maybe the Sun, which is not even a planet.

I'd like to know more about Leos and Leo energy.

It seems like they can be a joy to be around but what if they are angry?

Modern Astrology is hellbent on saying they are crybabies who will throw a temper tantrum but I see instant rage being more of an Aries thing. I feel like Leos are actually more cold and calculated in their temper but I'd love for the experts to say more.
Sun-sign astrology has tantalized neophytes with bite-sized tidbits that loosely resemble valid astrology, but it fosters stubborn misconceptions that snag a student in their growth.

It is one thing to recognize that Leo is one of 12 signs, but it is a very, very different thing to assume you are "a Leo" because you were born at a certain time of year without regard to which year or what time of day. When you hear others speak of Leos as people who do such-and-such and speak of Virgos are people who do this-and-that, you are in the presence of a Sun-sign astrologer who is operating on the feeble notion that there are only twelve types of people in the world. What difference does it make if these people should contradict themselves?

Your confusion is that you come from the Sun-sign world, but you have entered a zone about valid astrology, and you don't understand the terms which seem to contradict what you know.

The most ancient of ancients noted that most of the stars had a fixed relation to each other even though the dome of the sky itself shifted with time. But they also noticed the ecliptic, that slice of the sky where the Sun, Moon, and the planets traveled independently of the fixed stars. "Planet" means traveler, those bodies which traveled on the ecliptic, Sun, Moon, Mercury, etc.

The sign your Sun was in at birth is not the most important thing about you. You have been misguided by the gross oversimplification of astrology known as Sun Sign Astrology, or pop astrology. That is the source of your confusion.

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