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Re: List of Erroneous, Illogical and Fictitious Systems in Astrology

We might also add those who derive significations from the names of the planets, and from the numerology of degrees, or from the symbolism of glyphs. In the first case, the more natural names of the planets are Sun, Moon, Phainon, Phaethon, Pyroeis, Phosphoros and Stilbon, the gods of astronomy, and not of religion (Helios, Selene, Saturn/Kronos, Jupiter/Zeus, Mars/Ares, Venus/Aphrodite and Mercury/Hermes. Glyphs are Medieval and Renaissance occultist inventions, and the ancients generally used the first letters of the planets, like ''Z'' for ''Zeus'', much like one can use ''1'' for the so-called ''Aries'', by which I mean the place of the vernal equinox. I would say that the common names of the places and planets are dangerous meme-pathogens, judging by the state of modern tropical astrology.

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