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Re: How to grow as a person based on astrology?

Excellent question.

Do you want to post your chart?

Basically, the sun shows who you must be in order to be your authentic self. The sign shows how to go about doing that; the house gives your area of activity. This process may be easy and already mastered, or it may take a lot of courage, depending upon how your sun is aspected.

The north node of the moon shows where your personal growth lies. Oftentimes it lies beyond the person's comfort zone. By sign and house, see if you can push your envelope.

The MC shows your vocation in life. It may or may not relate to your paid employment. Look at the situation of the planet ruling the sign on your MC. Then see if you can incorporate more of these activities into your life.

Then also, what areas of your life would you like to improve? There's a planet for that. And a sign. And a house.
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