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Re: How to grow as a person based on astrology?

Originally Posted by pschutz View Post
How do I find out such things? I mean i read books and got interpretations of my placements but didn't really understand which parts are "bad" or "good". It's the kind of interpretation that are just descriptive: "you are like this because your planets is there in aspect to blablabla". I mean in fits, but doesn't move me forward in anyway ...
One free tool that helped me is the midpoint calculator at
Make sure you use universal time

And really midpoint interpretations are better as you have an understanding of the major "complications" of your chart but as a read through, even without that knowledge, you will be surprised and it also offers advice/cautions.

To give you an idea of how it plays out for me:
I have Sun in the 10th inconjunct Saturn in the 5th. I experience a lot of limitation, not only in romance, but in my reputation and my ability to be present, and be seen in the light that I wish to be seen in.

So when I go to my midpoint interpretation, I look at the midpoint between Sun/Saturn. I see that it is at 27 degrees Virgo. What the interpretation also tells me is that my Venus, which is at 28 degrees Gemini, is forming a square to this Midpoint at 27 degrees Virgo. So as a result, the report tells me:

Sun/Saturn midpoint activated by Venus
A lack of self confidence in love relationships. One who appreciates the need for a careful and gradual attainment of goals. The tendency to think that one is less attractive and/or valuable than one really is. Appreciation of the deeper spiritual significance of life.

It is interesting because the more I focus on my physical appearance, the less my Sun/Saturn affects my life. 27 Degrees Virgo is also in my first house, so this is relating to the body.
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