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Re: Why I am Struggling in Career/Work Life ?

Somna the reason you are struggling,p and will continue to struggle is that you have Saturn, mars and Pluto squaring your mercury and sun.

What that presents is
a tendency to spoil your own life or working against your best interests, problems with timing and/or unpreparedness for task or goal and
tendency to confrontations or
insistence on dominance or control of those around you and this would be a vice versa in that you constantly give your power to others and are dominated and controlled
And negative thinking...constant over analysis

You have a trine from Pluto to moon and that means emotional motivation and emotional understanding is a strength for you, it comes easy. I would use it to counter balance the tendency to act against self insterest or to just act out of time or not be prepared. By digging deep and understanding yourself you may mitigate these negatives.

The problem with the Saturn square mercury is that you are a worry wart. Even when you donít have anything to worry, you worry. Everything is hyper analysed until you are scared of taking a single step. And because everything in life originates in the mental plane....itís rather difficult to circumvent this one causing you to believe and create failure and restriction, bad news and mental depression. Every plan, every option, ever will find a reason why you canít, wonít, shouldnít, mustnít.....and after too many failures you can see thatís itís now a thing! A very big thing!

Link up with females or the emotional types of people since these days some men are female-like...they are your natural supporters. Males and male like people tend to bring out your pushy side or you project that and bring pushy controllers into your life.

Will it change? It depends on your level of intelligence, sense of humour, ability to rise above. So much of this stuff is mitigated with attitude we bring to the table. Use your Pluto trine moon to understand, to help you overcome the sluggish brain caught up in worries.
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