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Re: Strong Mercury but why canīt I write?

Originally Posted by IleneK View Post
I would like to see your chart more clearly and the image you just posted has expired.

All the planets in your chart play a role in your life, and they can be strong or weak, fortunate or unfortunate, supportive or unsupportive depending upon how you use them to meet what arises in your life. You will use the weaker and the stronger planets for everything, as they are a reflection of everything that you are.

I would like to talk a bit more about what you mean when you say writing comes very difficult and the results aren't good. I will tell you that I have an excellent Mer in Gemini in the 10th, ruling the Asc and the MC and sextile Merc and Moon. And I will tell you that when I was your age, and long after that, too, writing anything any good did not come easy at all.

The way for writing to come easy is to practice it a lot, like anything else. No matter how bad it is be begin with, and I can believe it may be pretty poor, if you practice it, it will only get better, not worse. And if you practice it enough it will get easy and it will get good. Now I'm not talking about being a professional writer, but I am talking about using it to communicate and tell the stories that you want to tell.

I think a main problem for you, along with the opposition from Mars, which I think is significant, is your Merc and Sun in the 7th house of the Other. This is where you may be "giving it away" so to speak or expecting it somehow to come to you from the outside or the "other." Your ability to write is in you and the way it will be activated and then refined is by your using it when it is rough and unskilled, as it feels to you. When you embrace this uncomfortable and unwanted poor writer in you.
The gift to write resides in you if you will engage and employ it.
I wish you the very best,
Thank you so much, this was very uplifting to read. I can see what you pointed out about my Mercury. Itīs a difficult thing to deal with because I think I make myself powerless.

Can you elaborate on how your own Mercury changed over time? Do you get to use it in your career for example?

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