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Re: Strong Mercury but why canīt I write?

Originally Posted by Starsareround View Post
Yes I wouldn’t say that yours is so extremely strong. For comparisons sake: my mercury is in Virgo, in the first house, conjunct the ascendant. My sun is also in Virgo, in the first house. Ascendant also Virgo. My Mercury Sextile jupiter and Uranus and is squared by Neptune. So pretty much mercury runs the show in my chart. But instead of writing, I zip around in my lab solving problems with optics and purchasing product and selling and fixing eyeglass frames. I think it works with all my first house placements because there is a need there to use the body and DO stuff rather than write. So I think it helps to go beyond the obvious ( I would have been very unhappy as a writer) when discovering how to express a planets energies. Not sayin it’s easy, I found my career almost by accident.
Interesting placements! How did you know it was the right fit for you? Was it based on feeling? Ability?
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