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What will happen when Saturn goes into my 8th house?

I have a Taurus ascendant in Mrigashira pada 1

My ascendant lord Venus goes into my 4th house in Uttara Phalguni and conjuncts my Mercury in Purva Phalguni. I am currently in a Mercury/Venus dasha (with a Jupiter pryantardasha coming up in March 2018. My natal Jupiter is in Aardra in my 2nd house).

In my 8th house, I have Saturn in Purva Ashadha (for those who use outer planets, my natal Saturn is also joined by Uranus and Neptune).

Saturn in transit is about to leave my 7th house and go into my 8th bhava cusp in a few days. Once he goes into my 8th, he will be in conjunction to my 9th and 10th house lord, and will be aspecting my 11th and 8th house lord, Jupiter.

I've heard Saturn transiting the 8th is one of the worst houses for Saturn to transit. However for a Taurus ascendant, Saturn rules the 10th house, so he will be 11 houses from himself - which is a good thing right? Bad for 9th house experiences as there will be a loss of some kind, but good for 10th house ventures?

I'd like to know what you all think? What will happen when Saturn transits my 8th house?
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