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Re: Does Astrology Have Limits?

Originally Posted by aquarius7000 View Post
The moment people start expressing their own, differing from yours, opinions, you ask moderators to close the thread. Good one. Why did you title the thread as a question, if you already had a pre-decided answer and were not open to opposing views? Although my views on Astrology differ from Culpeper in that I do think it is a metaphysical and divine subject (not anything like Chemistry or physics), I do agree with them that this thread is a waste of time because the OP has not invested anytime in explaining their point of view, but rather in refuting that of others.
Excuse me, I am going to mention this for the fourth time, I've misunderstood the topics discussed in this forum, I thought we were trying to make science out of astrology. I've merely stated some (with which I happen to agree) of the obvious criticisms of astrology, if you check my posts you will see I obviously practice astrology despite those. I am obviously playing a devil's advocate in some parts to stimulate a discussion, I was not trying to be offensive to you. I also believe astrology is inseparable from its metaphysical and religious connections. My list of the Seven planets associations include the respective chakra, Sephirah, gods, alchemical and many other correspondences I happen to believe in. So please, excuse me if I came across as arrogant or offensive, because that would be hypocritical as well.

However, I also believe we can work on an exoteric astrological explanation, something that is allowable in current science, and something everyone regardless of beliefs can accept.

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