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Re: Does Astrology Have Limits?

Originally Posted by petosiris View Post
Dude, astrology is not recognised as a science or even as a working phenomenon unlike chemistry, astronomy and geology. A quick glance at encyclopedia tell you it is either ''debunked'' or pseudoscience. I attack astrology, are you serious?

A moderator can close this thread, anyways this was such a time-waster.
The moment people start expressing their own, differing from yours, opinions, you ask moderators to close the thread. Good one. Why did you title the thread as a question, if you already had a pre-decided answer and were not open to opposing views? Although my views on Astrology differ from Culpeper in that I do think it is a metaphysical and divine subject (not anything like Chemistry or physics), I do agree with them that this thread is a waste of time because the OP has not invested anytime in explaining their point of view, but rather in refuting that of others.
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