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Originally Posted by HoldOrFold View Post
They're actually still in mutual reception regardless of whether they aspect each other or not. But not having an aspect weakens the positive strength of the reception. So does the fact they're both in the signs of detriment and Saturn being in the 12th house.

Regardless of the lack of positivity, it sits at the end of the disposition chain of all planets except the Moon.

Here's a good article which discusses dispositor chains about half way down the page:

"Mutual Receptions occur when two planets are in each otherís domicile sign. This means the chart winds down to a seesaw contest between the two planets in mutual reception. The governmental style here is one of two branches of government with equal powers over all areas that bicker back and forth about the best action to take."

In the case of both planets not aspecting and one in the 12th house, the 'governmental style' might be more difficult.
Awesome, thanks. That answers a few questions I had about mutual reception. I appreciate that.
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